Two Burning Candles – Making a light in this world of darkness

We are currently building an orphanage to care for children near Wiyumiririe, Kenya.

We are raising money:

  1.   To complete the interior of the three buildings that were begun     in January of this year.
  2.   To build a perimeter security fence.
  3.   To begin our hydroponic and eventually aquaponic project to       feed the children.

And, thanks to a generous donor, any gift you make will be doubled in impact up to $10,000.00!

I urge you to give generously. Your impact will go twice as far today!

And we are asking for all of your prayers, that the orphanage will be approved by the government and up and running before the end of the year.

These children need to know God’s love and have a place to feel safe, where they can learn and grow as part of a family.

God bless you and thank you for taking time to visit our site.


First Love Kid's Project Orphanage